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About LMDP

The Latino Microenterprise Development Program (LMDP) is a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to support the Latinx/a/o business community at various stages throughout the business development continuum. Through the dedicated network of partners, our intent is to build upon and leverage our existing relationships with Latinx/a/o businesses, while providing robust outreach to serve previously non-engaged businesses, to provide low-barrier, linguistically and culturally appropriate training, technical assistance, instruction, and mentorship support. All programming is offered free-of-charge to participants.

The LMDP is based on five key pillars:

  1. Long-term sustainability
  2. Increased profitability
  3. Increased self-sufficiency
  4. Capacity building
  5. Effective communication/collaboration
Primary Goal

The primary focus of the LMDP is to assist participants in mastering the business development knowledge/skills necessary to establish, grow, and sustain a business for long-term success, profitability and self-sufficiency. The evolving offerings provided by the LMDP are a result of direct input gathered from the Latinx/a/o business community through continuous outreach conducted by the LBA and AES throughout their decades of directly working with both existing and aspiring business owners. Through this program, we anticipate serving 100 Latinx/a/o existing or emerging business owners, for a minimum of 10 hours each, over the duration of the grant funding period at no cost to participants. 
Objective 1: Develop and conduct a linguistically and culturally appropriate business development needs assessment process for Latinx/a/o business owners and people interested in starting a business. 
Objective 2: Use linguistically and culturally appropriate small business development training and technical assistance curriculum developed by LBA, AES, and Program partners. 
Objective 3: Expand the business development competencies/skills of at least 100 Latino small business owners to effectively operate and grow businesses for long-term sustainability & self-sufficiency.

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